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Jon Youshaei

Jon Youshaei is a prominent marketing guru and YouTube growth strategist, celebrated for his innovative approach to digital content creation and distribution. Iranian-American by heritage, Youshaei has consistently ranked among the world's top marketing experts, thanks to his work at companies like YouTube and Instagram. At YouTube, he worked on product marketing, helping creators optimize and grow their channels, while at Instagram, he was instrumental in launching IGTV. Beyond corporate roles, Youshaei is also known for his own content, particularly his cartoon series, "Every Vowel". As of 2021, he continues to shape the digital content landscape through strategic initiatives and compelling personal projects.

Tuesday, October 3rd

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Wednesday, October 4th

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Thursday, October 5th

Perfect Your YouTube Packaging: Thumbnails, Intros & Ideas Masterclass

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jon youshaei

10:10 am

Grand Ballroom B

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