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Samir Chaudry

Samir runs the popular YouTube channel Colin and Samir along with his partner Colin. Their channel hit 1 million subs while they were on stage at VidSummit in 2022. In 2012 Samir started a company called The Lacrosse Network - his goal was to build a digital home on YouTube for the sport he grew up playing. He saw an opportunity to connect the global community and create a platform to tell stories about the sport. After 2 years of building the network, it was acquired by WhistleSports. At Whistle, he continued to build The Lacrosse Network while serving as the Director of Partnerships and Programming strategy -working with online creators of all sizes and developing strategies to build audiences and integrate brand partners. From there, he become an independent producer, creating content of his own with his partner Colin - as well as consulting with creators and brands to build engaged audiences. Today he host a show about the creator economy on YouTube and is building new projects that focus on helping creators scale their businesses.

Tuesday, October 3rd

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Wednesday, October 4th

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Thursday, October 5th

The Future of Creator Economy: Navigating Trends, Technology, and Opportunities

A forward-looking exploration of emerging trends, technologies, and opportunities that YouTubers should be aware of.

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colin rosenblum, samir chaudry

10:50 am

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