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Mindy McKnight

Mindy McKnight, known as the "#1 Mom" and a top 25 women on YouTube with an impressive following of over 5.6 million subscribers, has transformed from an educational resource for fellow moms in her Utah neighborhood into a global sensation. Through her immensely popular YouTube channel, Cute Girls Hairstyles, Mindy has garnered over 2 billion views from viewers around the world. Going beyond viral content and hairstyles, Mindy has become a trusted voice in the hair industry, providing authentic product recommendations and establishing herself as a credible source. As an entrepreneurial force, Mindy's passion for hair care has driven her to create her own line of products, reflecting her dedication to her family and meeting the diverse needs of today's consumers. Mindy McKnight's entrepreneurial spirit and expertise continue to shape the beauty industry, inspiring others and leaving a lasting impact.

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