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Brittney Carlini

Brittney Carlini is a highly specialized Thumbnail Strategist and Designer. She originally came from a general Graphic Design background, but she became a full-time Thumbnail Designer after Vidsummit 2022. Brittney has worked with many established creators including HopeScope, Jesser, Aquarium Info, Leon Hendrix, and many others as well as working alongside Paddy Galloway. She has consulted some of the platform's top creators on their thumbnails, and continues to help creators elevate their thumbnail designs and concepts.

Tuesday, September 3rd

Wednesday, September 4th

Thursday, September 5th

How to come up with thumbnail concepts, create realistic thumbnails, & more!

Creators are constantly asking Brittney Carlini questions about her thumbnail creation process, some who are just starting out, and others who are very successful and established. Out of all of the questions she gets asked, the two most common questions are: "How do you come up with concepts for thumbnails?" and "How do you make your thumbnails look so realistic?" The third most common question is, "How do you find and choose assets for your thumbnails?" which she’s also happy to cover in part of her presentation.

4:00 PM

Grand Ballroom 1

Brittney Carlini

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