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Jared Shores

Founder of Crux Media, Jared Shores boasts 15+ years of video expertise, spanning TV, film, and YouTube. Co-creator of Studio C, and working with clients including Chick-fil-A, Imagine Dragons, Kaskade, UNHCR, and HopeScope. With Emmy wins, a Gold Play button, and Oscar shortlisting, his work's 2.5+ billion views speak volumes. A master of storytelling and production, Jared is your new best friend.

Tuesday, September 3rd

Wednesday, September 4th

Thursday, September 5th

Narrative Engineering: The Proven System of Creating Content Like a Pro

Do you want to produce better, more impactful stories? I mean, why else would you be here? Well then, you need a better production process. Creating consistent, top-quality content doesn’t happen by accident, so stop just “getting by” and implement the system that pros use. We’ll take a deep dive into actionable strategies that will take your current processes and upgrade them to industry-proven standards that maximize time, money, and life balance. Ultimately, these factors will directly lead to telling better, cooler, more fulfilling stories. Buckle up and get ready to take your productions from Power Wheels to F1. This is what you came to VidSummit for.

4:00 PM

Grand Ballroom 2

Jared Shores

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