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Jordan Barcley

As the home to many of YouTube’s most-watched youth gaming channels, Spawnpoint Media records 200-million average monthly views from a loyal, repeating, and global community of over 13-million followers. Jordan Barclay (aka “EYstreem”) has been a creator for 12 years and leads a 70+ person production team dedicated to creating videos that are safe spaces for youth viewing by actively ensuring content is family-appropriate and positive.

At VidSummit, you’ll find Jordan sharing secrets of the “network effect," how to succeed at the “long-game” or how his state-of-the-art studio is optimized for YouTube production (currently in construction in Melbourne, Australia).

Tuesday, September 3rd

Wednesday, September 4th

How to Maximize Viewership through Family Audiences on YouTube

Led by EYstreem, Australia’s most-watched gaming creator internationally, and CEO of Spawnpoint Media—discover the structure and secrets behind their “network effect,” a cross-promotional strategy that enabled his studio to reach 26M+ hours of watch time and $1 million in AdSense revenue for a brand new personality-based “faceless” channel in just five months. Learn the techniques Spawnpoint Media uses to launch brand new gaming channels with strong foundations for long-term success, and not just a quick cash grab. See how a network of different-sized channels with unique viewers can be more consistent, stable and profitable by exploiting YouTube’s growing bias towards suggested content, shared audiences, and family viewership, especially on TV platforms.

11:00 AM

Exhibition Hall

Jordan Barcley

Thursday, September 5th

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