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Hopescope’s 4 million+ “Hopefuls” (subscribers) come to her channel for their weekly dose of “comfort content.” Hope entertains her audience by testing viral products, discovering nostalgic items, and unboxing other hidden treasures! She is passionate about creating quality, safe, and uplifting content on YouTube that anyone can enjoy.

Tuesday, September 3rd

Wednesday, September 4th

Keynote: HopeScope

Come learn how HopeScope transformed her small, niche channel (reviewing yoga pants) into one of the largest multiformat, multiplatform, entertainment channels. The HopeScope channel is now adored by a loyal audience of nearly 5 million "Hopefuls" across the globe. Whether you are just starting your channel, or have been creating for years and are ready for a change, this presentation is for you! 

9:10 AM

Exhibition Hall


Thursday, September 5th

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