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Curtis Nicotra

Lucas and Curtis are two Australian brothers collectively known as Sticks, that have carved an exciting path in the world of YouTube. With their innate storytelling ability and a passion for film, they have embarked on a journey to entertain and inspire through their channel. Their innovative approach involves transforming the lives of popular YouTubers into cinematic masterpieces, seamlessly blending the world of cinema with the dynamic narratives of influential content creators. Through these expertly crafted trailers, they have been able to collaborate with some of the biggest creators in the world like Ryan Trahan, Mark Rober, Airrack, and Zach King, captivating audiences with a fresh perspective on the personalities behind the screens. Their commitment to innovative storytelling has garnered attention, making them pioneers in crafting the YouTube cinematic experience. The Sticks Brothers have set a remarkable goal to amass 5 million subscribers which is the key to unlocking their dream project, creating the Mr. Beast movie.

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