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Marissa Hill

Marissa Hill is an Executive Producer at Shade Studios and Host at ShadeTV, the largest female-led channel on sneakers, fashion, and hype culture.A student of the William Esper Studio and Deena Levy Theatre Studio, Marissa is a fashion model, former NCAA Volleyball player, actress and broadcast and media host. She is featured in the ABC News Studios docuseries Grails, focused on the rise of hype sneaker culture in golf with Eastside Golf and Jordan Brand.Marissa is a specialist on creator monetization best practices on the platform.A staple on both sides of the red carpet, Marissa has interviewed a diverse group of talent including Jennifer Lopez, Jason Schwartzman, Lucy Lawless, Sue Bird, Coco Gauff, Perry Farrell, Diane Warren, John Early, John Roberts, Jeff Staple, and more.Originally launched in 2020 on YouTube and headquartered in New York City, Shade Studios is a content creation company that develops and produces branded and commercial content in addition to original films using the Shade Studios banner.  The ShadeTV platform reaches over 18 million people in over 100 countries monthly across all platforms with nearly 7 million unique monthly visitors.  The Shade Studios Media Advisory division is dedicated to brands and entities that want to unlock the monetization power of their digital social presence via creative concept development and strategy.

Tuesday, September 3rd

Wednesday, September 4th

Thursday, September 5th

YouTube is only the start: leveraging your channel to build meaningful businesses

Often, new YouTubers who start on that platform see milestone plaques (subscribers) as the end goal. But what if YouTube was a means to a greater end? Learn about Marissa's journey from landing her first long-term sponsorship with less than 5k subscribers, to signing a world-renown agency as she ascended and formed a fast-growing media organization, advisory business, and apparel company. All of this was done before the highly-coveted 100k YouTube subscriber milestone. Attendees will learn how to extract value from their existing digital footprints and form a differentiated perspective on growth. Is it all about the views and subscribers, or is it about the strength of the community? Learn about the true potential of a YouTube following and what it can lead to!

4:00 PM

Exhibition Hall

Marissa Hill

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