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Stephanie Patrick

Stephanie is the director and strategy consultant of Theorist Media, wife of Matthew Patrick, mother of Oliver Patrick as well as the co-founder and co-owner of the three main Theorist channels

Tuesday, September 3rd

Wednesday, September 4th

Keynote: MatPat & Stephanie

Matthew Patrick, (aka “MatPat”) is the creator and former host of The Theorist Channels, one of YouTube’s best-known and most successful brands. With over 45-million subscribers, 9-billion total views, and 120-million monthly views, his network of “Theory” channels are the modern-day mythbusters, educating viewers on science, math, and critical thought through the lens of pop culture topics they love. MatPat's creative work also spans larger-scale productions like Go90's reality competition,The Runner, the YouTube Premium series, Game Lab, and a Broadway show, Grey House. He has spent the last decade participating in creative collaborations with prominent world leaders and celebrities from Bill Gates to the Pope. He is a 16-time Streamy award nominee and a 7-time winner in categories as diverse as writing, editing, and VR-storytelling. Since 2019, he and his partner, Stephanie, have raised over $6 million for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Off-screen, MatPat is a respected digital strategist who, over the last decade, has deeply shaped the online discourse around the creator economy, online creator culture, and the evolution of online video.

5:00 PM

Exhibition Hall

MatPat, Stephanie Patrick

Thursday, September 5th

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