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Ayman Hariri

VERO co-founder and CEO Ayman Hariri is an ambitious, progressive investor with a passion for responsible technology. Spurred by his travels, cultural exchanges, and frustration with the traditional one-size-fits-all model of social media, Ayman aspired to create a social networking platform that protects user privacy and prioritizes genuine connection over engagement. Ayman's vision led to the genesis of VERO, an ethical social network optimized for connection, not addiction. Today, VERO is proud to be a global community of people connecting over shared passions and interests - including TV, books, music, photos, and more. Ayman was born in Riyadh, educated in Paris, and attended Georgetown University to study Computer Science. In his spare time, Ayman enjoys photography and capturing the world through his Leica camera. Ayman lives with his wife and three children in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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