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Lucas Peterson

Back in 2016, Lucas started creating videos, but was hesitant to share them on social media. After years of soul-searching, he realized he needed to be authentically him and embrace all his interests. In doing so, he discovered that his truest passion lies in inspiring others to try new things, embrace new ideas, and see the world through a creative lens. He's been on this incredible journey as a creator for several years now, and he's bursting with excitement to share his boundless ideas with the world. He won the Entertainment Creator Award for keeping his viewers wanting more of his incredibly engaging creative content at TubeBuddy's first annual Emerging Creator Awards.

Tuesday, October 3rd

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Wednesday, October 4th

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Thursday, October 5th

Crafting Success: Insights from the Next Gen Creators Shaping the Digital Landscape

This session brings together a diverse group of emerging content creators who are making their mark. Discover the strategies, tactics, and personal stories that are propelling these creators to the forefront of their respective niches and gain invaluable insights into how they navigate the challenges, harness opportunities, and continuously innovate to captivate and resonate with their audiences. This panel discussion promises to inspire, inform, and empower you on your journey to crafting content that defines success in the digital age.

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2:00 pm

Grand Ball Room A

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