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Kwebbelkop, whose real name is Jordi van den Bussche, is a popular Dutch YouTuber celebrated for his vibrant and engaging gaming content. Since launching his YouTube career, Kwebbelkop has amassed a large following with his entertaining gameplay videos, particularly around games like Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto V. His charismatic personality and energetic commentary have helped create a strong bond with his global audience. Over time, Kwebbelkop has evolved from being a gaming influencer to an entrepreneur, managing multiple channels and exploring new content avenues.

Tuesday, October 3rd

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Wednesday, October 4th

Generative AI: The Final Frontier of YouTube Storytelling

"Generative AI: The Final Frontier of YouTube Storytelling" unveils the seismic shift happening right now in digital storytelling. We are venturing beyond the confines of traditional content creation, propelled by the extraordinary power of AI. From the lens of a pioneering YouTuber who has been replaced by a V-Tuber, attendees will experience the shocking transformation of the YouTube realm. Prepare to be taken on a whirlwind journey, from the heart of groundbreaking YouTube research to the forefront of the AI-driven content revolution. Brace yourself for a glimpse into the future where AI doesn't just assist us - it leads the narrative, crafting stories in ways we've only dreamed of. Join us on this adventure and witness the dawn of a new storytelling era.

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2 pm

Exhibition Hall

Thursday, October 5th

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