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Jordan Matter

Jordan Matter has over 17 million subscribers on YouTube. In the past year he averaged 20M views per long-form video and 60M per short. He combines personal storytelling and an obsession with analytics to create a new style of vlog, focusing on building a deep connection with the audience rather than spending excessively. And what’s more, he’s older than everyone reading this! Jordan's talk will focus on his five strategies for viral videos, how to know when (and if) to pivot your content, and how Casey Neistat changed his life!

Tuesday, October 3rd

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Wednesday, October 4th

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Thursday, October 5th

Making Millions Without Spending Millions: My Secret To 6 Billion Views

The big mistake most creators make is regurgitating the same content that made them successful long after it’s relevant. This talk will focus on my five keys to viral videos on YouTube, and how to know when and if to pivot your content. In five years, I’ve made three significant pivots, and each time my views increased significantly. When I was just starting YouTube, my 12--year-old son gave me some sage advice. He said, "Dad, if you get successful on YouTube it's because you found a lane. If you leave the lane, people will stop watching. But if you stay in the lane, people will get bored and stop watching. So you have to find a way to expand your lane without leaving it." The purpose of this talk will be to show the strategy I've used to follow his advice, and the success I've had as a result. I will also discuss the five metrics I consider every time I'm planning a video: title, thumbnail, video length (AVD not APV), first minute, and a hook at the end. When I can hit these five metrics successfully, the video will almost always go viral.

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jordan matter

2:55 pm

Grand Ballroom A

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