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Emily D. Baker

Emily D. Baker is the internet's go-to legal analyst and the top destination for live trial coverage. She's a former Deputy District Attorney, legal analyst, and host of the top-charting podcast, The Emily Show.With over 17 years as an attorney, Emily brings experience, compassion, and facts to the stories and cases she covers. She breaks down the legal side of pop culture events so that everyone understands the legal and the tea. Emily is a sought-after commentator and Analyst who has been featured on ABC, Hulu, CourtTv, People, The Los Angeles Times, and more. Emily has created a unique and passionate community of Law Nerds who embrace the facts.

Tuesday, October 3rd

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Wednesday, October 4th

Beyond Monetization: How Fan Funding Empowers Creators to Define Their Own Success

In 2022 Emily D. Baker was the #8 most super chatted creator in the US, and continues to be a top fan-funded creator on the platform. By leaning into a powerful community, she has the freedom to create content beyond concerns about monetization and embrace the cursey words. As a creator, you must take control of your revenue. Concerns over getting demonetized and fluctuating ad sense revenue can impact your creative decisions Those concerns can cause dissatisfaction, stress, and burnout. It’s time to go beyond monetization and embrace your creative freedom. Creators of any size can grow from understanding how to build a supportive community, and where to lean into fan funding.

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emily d. baker

2:55 pm

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Thursday, October 5th

Unlocking Engagement and Revenue with Live Streaming

Dive deep into strategies that boost real-time engagement, driving both viewer loyalty and increased revenue. Don't miss this chance to unlock the full potential of your content through the dynamic world of live streaming.

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Gabriela Soares, Emily D. Baker, Desiree Martinez

2:00 pm

Grand Ballroom B

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