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Greg Knighton

Greg Knighton runs the popular YouTube channel BTODtv, where you can find product reviews and overviews of office furniture, reception desks, office chairs and standing desks along with a full line of accessories. It’s that entrepreneurial spirit that led Greg to found in 2005. Knighton grew up in the office furniture industry. He was working for his father’s furniture manufacturing company when he decided to branch out and start selling some of the products. He felt the e-commerce route would allow him the best opportunity to be successful, so while attending college for Business, Knighton started his own website. During this time, Knighton’s close college friend Ryan Bald helped sell some of the furniture on eBay. Their hard work, Knighton’s knowledge of the industry, and their ability to leverage their website against the competition quickly allowed sales to skyrocket. Knighton was able to put that money back into the business, create a new website, bring Bald on as a partner, and open their first location in Wausau, Wisconsin. Since then their business has expanded across various platforms with their concentration on products and categories that are underserved allowing Beyond The Office Door to become experts on every product sold; setting them apart from their competition.

Tuesday, October 3rd

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Wednesday, October 4th

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Thursday, October 5th

From 10,000 Views a Video To Over $10,000,000 A Year

Greg Knighton from BTOD offers a deep dive into the transformative journey of content creation and monetization. Knighton, leveraging his experiences and milestones with BTOD, unveils the potent strategies and decisions that catapulted a modest YouTube channel into a multimillion-dollar enterprise. Attendees will gain invaluable insights into content optimization, audience engagement, and effective monetization techniques, receiving a clear blueprint on how to elevate their own platforms from simple view counts to significant revenue streams.

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greg knighton

8:00 am

Grand Ballroom A

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