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Shelly Nathan (MC)

Shelly Nathan focuses on YouTube education, content creation tips, and creator economy conversations. She is a creator, social media strategist, conference speaker, podcast host, vertical video enthusiast, live streamer. Shelly is the creator of iMovie Made Easy, a comprehensive video editing course teaching you how to edit videos using iMovie. Shelly is also the owner of Content Minis a micro-content repurposing editing service. She helps people make better videos so that they can share what they love with the world. She also loves vertical video and live streaming. Shelly has over 7 Million views on TikTok, 6 Million+ views on YouTube and over 280 Million views on She is a lover of efficiency, honesty, and simplicity.

Tuesday, October 3rd

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Wednesday, October 4th

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Thursday, October 5th

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