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Cathy Yoder

Cathy Yoder is a dynamic blogger, seasoned entrepreneur, and the reigning category king of Air Fryer Recipes on YouTube. Despite her personal aversion to cooking, Cathy's genuine and relatable approach has captivated her audience, earning her the endearing title of "The Air Fryer Queen". With a mission to empower air fryer owners, Cathy's YouTube channel showcases her adventures in testing new air fryer recipes alongside her kids. Her relatable approach and down-to-earth style have garnered a devoted following, eager to explore the limitless possibilities of their air fryers beyond the realm of nuggets.Responding to her community's pleas, Cathy self-published a cookbook that quickly became a sensation. Leveraging the power of YouTube, she has successfully sold thousands of copies, establishing herself as a trusted culinary resource. Beyond cookbook sales, Cathy has strategically diversified her income through product sales and affiliate partnerships, creating multiple revenue streams that extend beyond YouTube adsense. Cathy accomplishes all of this while being a dedicated mom to her eight children. Her ability to balance her entrepreneurial pursuits with the joys and responsibilities of family life is a testament to her exceptional skills and boundless passion.

Tuesday, October 3rd

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Wednesday, October 4th

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Thursday, October 5th

How YouTube Paid Me While I Sold a Half Million Dollars in Cookbooks

How I used YouTube organic traffic to sell more than 15,000 cookbooks and create a movement of raving fans.

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