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Tony Santos

For 15 years, Antonio (Tony) Santos has observed the numerous changes that YouTube has undergone and the overall creative environment. As a professional editor, he has worked with a wide range of clients, giving him insights into the diverse YouTube community and the various approaches creators take. Tony has gained extensive knowledge about the online world through his close collaboration with Thomas Frank and More importantly, he has realized the significance of editing and strategy in running a successful channel. With his expertise in video production and motion graphics, Tony aims to teach others different production methods and the importance of staying true to themselves.

Tuesday, October 3rd

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Wednesday, October 4th

Mastering the Cut: YouTube Editors' Roundtable

Come learn cutting-edge editing techniques from theeditors behind the channels of Logan Paul, Sam & Colby, MrBeast, Dodford, Try guys, Michelle Khare, Thomas Frank, and more.

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hayden hillier-smith, yb chang, ryan forsythe, danny mcmahon, tony santos, wyatt dobson

10:50 am

Exhibition Hall

Thursday, October 5th

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